Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

Applications for the 2021-intake year commenced on 1 March 2020. As a postgraduate candidate, only one programme is permitted upon application. Therefore, please ensure that you meet the minimum admission requirements for your programme of interest.

Your application for admission to a postgraduate degree programme will only be processed after the application has been finalised and all the correct supporting documentation has been uploaded before the programme’s closing date.

The application closing dates for the programme is 1 December for South African candidates and 30 September for international candidates.

MEng versus PGDiploma

The main difference between the two programmes is that the postgraduate diploma programme is of NQF level 8, whereas the MEng degree programme is of NQF level 9. Consequently, the level of assessment differs. Furthermore, the MEng degree programme allows for partial module selection and includes a specialisation module, as well as an additional 60 credit data science research project.

Fulltime versus Part-time

The main difference between the fulltime and part-time options is the length of time allowed to enrol. It is expected of a fulltime student to complete the postgraduate diploma in one year or the MEng programme in two years. A part-time student, on the other hand, is expected to complete the postgraduate diploma in two years and the MEng programme in three years.

Part-time: Module Selection

The programme content section indicates which modules are required for the completion of the programme. In the case of a full-time student, all the compulsory modules will be taken, however, in the case of a part-time student, only some modules need to be taken. In such a case, it is the responsibility of the student to decide for which modules they would like register in the first year and which modules to leave for the second year.

It is, however, important to consider the module co-requisites. The Data Science (Eng) module, for example, is a co-requisite for the majority of the data science modules, which means that a student cannot register for those modules (Applied Machine Learning, Optimisation (Eng), Big Data Technologies (Eng) and Data Analytics (Eng)) unless the Data Science (Eng) module is registered for or previously completed. It is therefore advisable to consider the co-requisites in planning.